Matthew Lewis Covers Attitude Magazine

Matthew Lewis Attitude Cover

Matthew Lewis’ astounding victory over the gods of puberty is really nothing new. For years, people have been marveling over the physical differences between him and his character in the Harry Potter movies. However, thanks to a new feature in Attitude Magazine, his beauty has been reignited in the mind (and pants) of the public, and we all really want him to Neville in our Longbottoms. If Hermione were to come use Petrificus Totalus on grown Neville, I volunteer to be the floor on which his body falls. Ah, Harry Potter and a hott guy – it’s every gay geek’s dream come true!

The issue for which Matthew is the cover star doesn’t come out until Wednesday, but you can bet your elder wand that I’ll be all over that when it does!

Matthew Lewis Attitude

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