Dirty Paws is the Werewolf Story I Never Knew I Needed

I totally credit The Gaily Grind for introducing me to this. Karina Farek who, amazingly does a lot of gay-themed artwork, wrote, directed and animated Dirty Paws, and it is the most adorable thing! Dirty Paws follows a couple – half of whom is a werewolf – on the night of a full moon, and, obviously, the trials that this presents. I know that it’s only an animated short, but I can’t believe just how endearing it is. It’s hard to describe just what about it is so incredible, and it might be different things to different people but, for me, I love that it follows less the werewolf (as so many of these stories tend to) and more the human partner. I think this stands out so much to me because, despite the supernatural and fantastical nature of the story, the fact that we see it mostly from the perspective of the human makes it a bit more relatable to us… unless you happen to be a werewolf yourself, in which case I sincerely apologise and… holla at me! I also love the relative normalcy of the situation, and the underlying, unspoken message that love really can weather anything if you let it. Seriously, someone needs to work on this becoming an actual HBO series, and I’ve got tons of casting suggestions. Ok, enough of my yapping! Enjoy the video!

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