Helloooo, John Stamos!

John Stamos Nude

If you haven’t yet sent up a silent prayer of thanks for the existence of the internet, I would suggest that you do it now. DILF-type extraordinaire, John Stamos, did the world a collective solid when he dropped trou for Paper Magazine. Let’s remember that these are the same people who came up with this “Break the Internet” shit with Kim Kardashian, for which I’ve expressed my consternation multiple times, so the fact that they’ve given us John Stamos in all his naked glory now makes them forgiven.

Before I speak about the interview, can I just say DAMN! Who knew Uncle Jesse was hiding all that in them jeans? All our Anacondas definitely DO!

Back to the actual interview… it’s little more than a puff piece really. Praises him for being gorgeous with a strong fan base, without delving into any real issues, but that’s ok. It’s a fun and funny piece, and John Stamos comes off as charmingly as ever, if perhaps a tad grating with all his blatant humility.

“I’m a crappy singer”, my ass! He’s released his own album and is an award-winning Broadway actor! Regardless, he can spout all the rubbish modesty he’d like if it means he’s gonna accompany it with pics like that one.

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