Donald Trump’s Supporters Represent the Worst Kind of Human Hypocrisy

Donald Trump has found a way to out-Trumpify himself when he declared that the only way to prevent the threat of terrorism was with “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

Donald Trump is an intelligent man. Say what you want about him, you don’t get to amass the wealth and business savvy that he has being a complete dumbass. He knows what’s going to get him attention, and he knows what his supporters want to hear, so of course, he’s going to keep making these polarizing statements. At this point, I’m not sure that he really believes half the things that he says… he may just be saying them for the effect that he knows they will have. But this post isn’t so much about Donald Trump. It’s about those who sincerely believe the crap that he’s spewing.

You would think that with every new Trumpism that the Donald comes up with, he’d lose a larger and larger fraction of his supporters, but nope, just the opposite seems to be happening. That is, more and more people seem to fall in love with him. Or, at the very least, those who do support him seem to feel an increase in the amount of adoration that they feel for him. Take a look at this video and tell me I’m wrong. They like him, they really like him!

Considering the enormity of the threat that IS(IS) poses on an international level, I think that it is completely understandable that people would be afraid. However, fear – no matter how justified – does not excuse the level of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination that so many people have now (publicly) subscribed to. Honestly, people, you can’t be that stupid to think that every single Muslim not only believes the same as the IS extremists but is somehow connected to them to the effect that the most random Muslim entering the US would be strapped with a suicide vest. I’m actually wondering if these people are that moronic, or are they just pretending to be in order to publicly espouse the hatred that they’ve felt all this time.

Now, I can’t be totally sure, but taking into account who Trump’s key demographic is, I’d be willing to bet good money that these people who are unashamed to go on national television and eviscerate an entire religion are the same people who are quick to cry that Christians are being persecuted whenever their religious belief is brought into question. So, you’re the ones being attacked when you’re asked to keep your religion out of Governmental policies, but when you’re calling for the exile and ban of all Muslims, you’re merely endorsing the good ole American way? Hmm, that smells an awful lot like irony and hypocrisy…

Furthermore, it’s amazing that these people seem blithely unaware of the fact that by giving all Muslims the face of IS, they’re effectively doing the same thing to all Christians. That is, they’re painting all regular peace-loving Muslims as terrorists and murderers while representing all Christians as vile, hate-mongering ignoramuses. It would be quite funny, actually, if it weren’t so sinfully disgusting.

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