The Spotlight’s on Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan Men's Fitness Cover

Kudos to Michael B Jordan and whatever personal psychic he’s got on his side advising him on which roles to take, because he is absolutely killing it right now. Creed, his latest endeavor, and the latest of the Rocky franchise, is undeniably a commercial and critical success, and he isn’t getting half as much buzz as he did in Fruitvale Station. That’s an amazing achievement for a twenty something year old black actor who admittedly came from nothing.

I currently have two magazines on which Jordan is the cover star: Men’s Fitness US and GQ South Africa. Both articles are quite good, with the Men’s Fitness one surprising me with the depth of its topics. As expected, the usual workout routine talk was forefront, but there was an astoundingly insightful edge on race relations and racial stereotyping. The GQ piece was arguably more personal and showed that this dude has quite the mouth of a sailor on him.

Either way, it’s great to see the spotlight on Michael, who isn’t only incredibly easy on the eyes, but also displays a calm authenticity that’s both professional and endearing.

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