Elitosphere was intended to be something like a virtual vault to store some of the more disposable thoughts that I get. My head tends to get a bit crowded, and keeping everything in there was bound to eventually lead to insanity… or, at the very least, my continued idiocy. I’d had zero expectation to reach anyone, but figured it would be nice if I had a single person read my insane ramblings a week. Well, you guys have blown this expectation out of the water because the traffic to this blog is astounding. For that, I give a heartfelt thank you!

The posts on Elitosphere are varied, but you may notice that I try to be as positive as possible in all aspects. The internet is the one place where pretty much anything can be found (usually in excess) but I find that the one thing lacking on the World Wide Web is positivity. Though the majority of my thoughts will be centred on pop culture, I also discuss pretty much anything which catches my attention – particularly if it is LGBT-related. My hope is that, after reading any given post of mine, you leave having learnt something new… even if it ends up having no bearing on your life the second you close your internet browser.

I welcome everyone to my blog – from every range on the spectra of ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation or age. I’m always going to try to put out quality content, but in the event that I don’t… well, hakuna matata.

If you’ve got any questions or additional comments, email me at elitosphere@gmail.com

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