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Nick Jonas Partners With John Varvatos

Nick Jonas VarvatosIt’s really pretty amazing how well Nick Jonas has done since his Jonas Brothers days. He’s clearly the Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake of the group. Having gained immense success in television, movies and music, it’s no surprise that fashion designers will want to have him associated with their brand.

Fashion designer, John Varvatos, has recently teamed up with Nick for him to be the face of his latest Spring/Summer ‘18 campaign, with the city of Detroit being the central theme of the line.

Nick Jonas Varvatos 5

For the most part, the pieces are relatively simple, but in a good way. A lot of John Varvatos’ clothing isn’t really part of everyone’s aesthetic, but this line has a more universal element to it. Indeed, Nick Jonas has admitted that a lot of the designing process was inspired by pieces that he, himself, would wear.

It’s a good idea, of course, as Nick Jonas – arguably through his ‘gay-baiting’ – has a significant following by straight and gay men alike, and can therefore appeal to both demographics.

Nominations for the 38th Razzie Awards are Here

Razzies Noms

Nominations for this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards (commonly known as the Razzies) have been released and while there are some majorly obvious and well-deserved (?) ones, a couple of them have surprised me.

Taking the lead this year, perhaps to no one’s surprise, is Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, admittedly, I haven’t watched Transformers since the second instalment because, well, I don’t hate myself. However, I’m not in the least bit shocked that it’s on this list. I mean, at this point, is there even really a proper story behind the explosions and CGI? The Razzie committee clearly doesn’t think so.

Another not-so-surprising nomination went to Johnny Depp for his reprisal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  The thing is, it isn’t that that Johnny Depp was particularly bad in the movie. It’s just such a tired and played-out role by now that very little enjoyment can be gained from it by the audience.

For me, the biggest surprise (and insult) was Jennifer Lawrence’s nomination for Worst Actress in mother! I know the movie sort of tanked with a lot of viewers but, personally, I feel that that was because it either went over their head, or touched a nerve with overly sensitive “Christians”. There were awful pacing problems throughout the film, but I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence was bad by any means. Javier Bardem, however… well, let’s just say I’m not contesting his nomination.

Sofia Boutella’s role in The Mummy also seems a bit unfair. I wouldn’t rush to give her an Academy Award nomination, but I don’t think she deserves a Razzie either. Same goes for Katherine Heigl in Unforgettable. Now, the movie itself was an abortion of a film, but she was no worse than anyone else in it. In fact, I personally think she was the only redeeming thing about my entire cinematic experience watching it.

Stray observation: how crappy must it feel to be nominated as worst actor in two separate movies in the same year? Looking at Mark Wahlberg and Javier Bardem.

Take a look at the nomination video below, and delight in the deliciously shady way in which Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Transformers: The Last Knight, which are both only the fifth movies in the franchises, are referred to as Pirates of the Caribbean XIII: Dead Careers Tell No Tales and Transformers XVII: The Last Knight.

Also, as wholeheartedly against Jennifer Lawrence’s nomination as I am, wouldn’t it be freaking amazing if she showed up a la Halle Berry or Sandra Bullock?!

show me the nominations, dammit!

Ansel Elgort’s Butt is a Supernova!


You know, the real fault in those stars was that we never actually got to see Ansel Elgort’s peachy derrière sans jeans. Has no one noticed what a great butt he has or have I just been living under a rock?

Ansel Elgort, of The Fault in Our Stars and Baby Driver fame, recently released a music video for his single, “Supernova.” He’s been working in music for a while, and I’m actually pretty surprised he released it under his full name, as he’d previously had his acting name separate from his music persona, Ansolo.

Either way, he’s released the video for the moderately catchy song, the hook for which always seems to take ages to get out of my head whenever I listen to it. The song itself feels like an odd cross between trap and elements of indie rock, and is pretty dark, but impressive.

The main draw, however, is Ansel’s bum in the tight jeans he’s running around in. It is simultaneously ass-tounding and arousing.

Feel Good With Brooke Simpson’s ‘Stone Cold’ Voice Audition

With the constant barrage of shit we’re faced with on a daily, constantly reminded how much people suck, it’s always great when we get a little content that just makes us feel good. This video, more of a surprise to me than I can say, happens to be one of those. From beginning to end, everything about this video made me smile.

Contestant, Brooke Simpson, took to the stage of The Voice to belt out Demi Lovato’s power ballad, ‘Stone Cold.’ Now, anyone who has seen Demi rock that performance knows that it’s no easy feat, and you need serious chops to do it justice. However, Brooke proved that she was up to the task and she did an amazing job.

So, not only were the song choice and performance incredible, so was the reaction and subsequent banter of the judges. Now, despite American Idol’s quality decline in more recent years, and The Voice’s steady ratings hold, here’s something that most people seem not to want to admit: The Voice has not produced a fraction of the stars that American Idol has… if any at all. It’s great when a previously unknown contestant goes on to win the finale, but how many have actually gone on to achieve solid success after their win? I’ll wait…

Nevertheless, where The Voice has American Idol beat is the charisma, banter and connection of the celebrity judges and this is as evident as ever in this video. It’s so great to see this household-name judges put their hearts into singing the praises of these unknown contestants because they genuinely see their talent.

Seriously, watch this video and smile!

ps, from now on, I’m gonna start walking around with a little notepad just so that I can toss it at someone in incredulity.


Camila Cabello’s Sax Player Steals the Spotlight

Ok, so that headline may not be totally accurate. In all honesty, that was a hell of a performance by Camila Cabello who, after leaving Fifth Harmony, has achieved incredible solo success with the release of, quite frankly, pretty damn good music. This performance on Jimmy Fallon’s, The Tonight Show, is arguably one of Camila’s best live performances of her single, Havana, which currently sits at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100.


All of this said, I still couldn’t help my eyes from devouring roaming over to the background sax player throughout the performance. While Camila Sandiego was belting out her nostalgia of hopping on Cuban peen, there was only one X-Factor I was interested in. Despite starting out as a mini opening act, it soon became clear to me that he was the real star on that stage. In addition to his great saxophone-playing skills (which, in and of itself, is already a real south pole flooder), he drops some sick moves which just makes me wanna reach out with a Vaudeville Hook, fling those salsa dancers to the real Havana, and have him have the stage all to himself.


Alexander Skarsgard Is A Sexy-As-All-Hell Tarzan

Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan 1

Ah, Askars, we meet again! Not content to let his sexiness burn out in that god-awful True Blood finale, Alexander Skarsgard has found himself an excuse to bare even more skin for our delight. Well, maybe not more skin (NSFW), but skin sufficient.

The Legend of Tarzan, slated for a July 2016 release, has just released the first official stills and poster of the film, and it (naturally) features the delicious Askars in all his shirtless yumminess. Looking at the trailer, there’s potential for this movie to be amazing, but I can just as easily see it being a complete crapfest. When it comes to remakes, Hollywood seems to be on a hit or miss streak… leaning heavily towards miss, I’m afraid. Here’s hoping that this one doesn’t join that list.

Now, forgive me for nitpicking, but isn’t Tarzan most famous for only wearing a barely-there loin cloth? What the hell is this khaki pants bullshit about? I demand an immediate reshoot! Who’s with me?

The Spotlight’s on Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan Men's Fitness Cover

Kudos to Michael B Jordan and whatever personal psychic he’s got on his side advising him on which roles to take, because he is absolutely killing it right now. Creed, his latest endeavor, and the latest of the Rocky franchise, is undeniably a commercial and critical success, and he isn’t getting half as much buzz as he did in Fruitvale Station. That’s an amazing achievement for a twenty something year old black actor who admittedly came from nothing.

I currently have two magazines on which Jordan is the cover star: Men’s Fitness US and GQ South Africa. Both articles are quite good, with the Men’s Fitness one surprising me with the depth of its topics. As expected, the usual workout routine talk was forefront, but there was an astoundingly insightful edge on race relations and racial stereotyping. The GQ piece was arguably more personal and showed that this dude has quite the mouth of a sailor on him.

Either way, it’s great to see the spotlight on Michael, who isn’t only incredibly easy on the eyes, but also displays a calm authenticity that’s both professional and endearing.

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