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Colton Haynes & Evan Peters Hook Up On American Horror Story: Cult


Admittedly, it took me a while to get into this new season of American Horror Story. Usually, (as previous reviews have shown), I’m usually hooked by episode 2 or 3. For this season, however, I wasn’t so sure and I almost gave up on it because I just couldn’t see where the hell it was going.

But boy, am I glad I didn’t!

Ryan Murphy, for the past few seasons, has been upping the homoeroticism in this show but last night, this last episode completely skipped homoeroticism and jumped straight into homosexuality (emphasis on the sex).

A few episodes prior, a brief sex scene was shown between Colton Haynes and Billy Eichner, and it was hot despite its short-lived nature. But Christmas came super early last night when Colton Haynes was, this time, paired with Evan Peters in two separate homoerotic scenes.

I swear this isn’t the reason I’m now super into this season of AHS but, trust me, it has certainly helped.

Check out the very NSFW gifs after the jump
show me the homoerotic sexiness, dammit

I’m Kind of Obsessed with Years & Years Now

Well, clearly, I’ve been living under a rock or something, because I’ve only just discovered these guys. And to anyone who already knew about them but lacked the requisite respect for me to inform me, there’s a special spot reserved in musical Hell for you.

Years & Years is a British – well, not exactly boy band – but male musical trio, with lead vocals by Olly Alexander, whose voice has now become a weird form of catharsis for me. Granted, he’s no Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran or Alejandro Manzano, but he’s got a certain je ne sais quoi that I’m definitely digging.

If you thought this post wasn’t going to expose my usual psychopathic tendencies, get ready to be rudely corrected. I first found out about Years & Years at a club I went to last Friday, and I was so enthralled by this mystery band that I literally stood right there on the dancefloor and googled the lyrics to King until I found out who they were. So, just in the event you needed a little anecdote to make you feel less like a weirdo… you’re welcome.

Alexander Skarsgard Is A Sexy-As-All-Hell Tarzan

Alexander Skarsgard Tarzan 1

Ah, Askars, we meet again! Not content to let his sexiness burn out in that god-awful True Blood finale, Alexander Skarsgard has found himself an excuse to bare even more skin for our delight. Well, maybe not more skin (NSFW), but skin sufficient.

The Legend of Tarzan, slated for a July 2016 release, has just released the first official stills and poster of the film, and it (naturally) features the delicious Askars in all his shirtless yumminess. Looking at the trailer, there’s potential for this movie to be amazing, but I can just as easily see it being a complete crapfest. When it comes to remakes, Hollywood seems to be on a hit or miss streak… leaning heavily towards miss, I’m afraid. Here’s hoping that this one doesn’t join that list.

Now, forgive me for nitpicking, but isn’t Tarzan most famous for only wearing a barely-there loin cloth? What the hell is this khaki pants bullshit about? I demand an immediate reshoot! Who’s with me?

Jean Claude Van Damme Recreates “Kickboxer” Dance Scene on Conan

I’m a bit late with this one, but there’s no way that I couldn’t touch on it!

It’s great when things come full circle! Last year, out of sheer coincidence and Universal misalignment, I caught a showing of Jean Claude Van Damme’s Kickboxer. In that movie, Van Damme has a hilarious and unexpectedly sexy dance number.

Thanks to the circumstances that came together to allow me to see that movie, and that particular scene, I am able to fully appreciate this awesome Conan appearance.

More than 25 years after the release of Kickboxer, Jean Claude Van Damme reenacts the iconic scene, proving that age has had no adverse effects on that waist. Unfortunately, he didn’t do the split this time but Volvo showed us less than three years ago that the black belt martial artist still has it in him.

And, of course, this goes without saying, but I still would! Douchebag indoor shades and all!

Let’s Take A Moment to Appreciate Luke Evans’ Sexiness


Luke Evans first really came into my radar when I first saw Immortals, which was truly a terrible movie. It was incredibly badly written, and there was nothing original about it. From beginning to end, I knew what was going to happen because it was pretty much a carbon copy of Clash of the Titans and The Scorpion King. I believe the creators of the movie knew this, and tried to redeem themselves by featuring as many good-looking guys as they could half-naked, some of whom included Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz and Luke Evans. Since then, Luke has gone on to star in much better films, including The Hobbit  and Dracula: Untold.

There has been quite a bit of speculation and controversy surrounding Luke’s private life, due to the fact that he was openly and unashamedly gay at the beginning of his career and then, when things took off, his engagement to a woman was made public. He was often called out for it, but never spoke much about it. Recently enough, though, he gave an interview where he pretty much confirmed being gay without actually saying it, so that’s that. Really, though, I can’t be too hard on the guy. His decision to head back into the closet isn’t one that I’d advise anyone to do, but the reality is that we can understand why it was done. It isn’t great, and it isn’t fair, but it is, unfortunately, understandable. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you’re happy with yourself, and proud of the decisions that you make.

This week, Luke Evans is featured as our sexiness appreciation specimen, and I invite you to appreciate all the sexiness, clothed and otherwise (so NSFW alert)  after the jump

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 “The Wars to Come”: My Unsolicited Review


After far too long, it’s back, people! Game of Thrones is back! Let’s just jump right into it.

Fresh off the murder of her father, we find Cersei grief-stricken and in a mood even fouler than usual. The episode starts off with a flashback of her – the very first in the show’s history – as a child, visiting a supposed witch who lived in the woods on Lannister lands. At Cersei’s instructions (she was a demanding bitch even as a child), this witch took a sip of Cersei’s blood in order to tell her her future. According to this witch, although Cersei would never be a princess, she would be Queen… at least, for a time, until someone younger and prettier came along to take her crown away. Cersei was also told that, although her husband would father twenty children, Cersei herself would only have three. None of this made any sense to her as a child but, now, Cersei is seeing all too clearly the truth in these prophecies. In present day, she leaves all the mourners of her father outside, while she goes in to see him alone, finding Jaime standing guard over the body. She wastes no time in bringing it to his attention that it was Tyrion who was responsible for the murder, accusing Jaime of unwittingly aiding in Tywin’s death.

Show me the rest of the review and the GIFs, dammit!

A Shred of Decency

Remember Honey Maid’s amazing response to the homophobes last year? Well, Irish company, Daintree Paper, is at a very close second with their awesome idea to turn all anti-gay literature that they can get their hands on into confetti to raise funds for same-sex marriages! The idea is that even out of something ugly, beauty can be made.

“Made from 100% recycled lies” just about killed me! I love everything about this commercial, and it’s a practice that we should all put into play in our own lives. I don’t mean that we should go around making confetti – although, I will admit that there’s something to the idea of doing that and then hurling it at homophobes! What I mean is that, there will always be ugliness, lies and hatred directed at us. Instead of responding in kind, the best thing that we can do is remain positive – even more positive, if possible – and produce goodness where there doesn’t seem to be any.

This is a lovely idea by Daintree Paper, and I sincerely hope that their plan is a successful one.