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Nick Jonas Partners With John Varvatos

Nick Jonas VarvatosIt’s really pretty amazing how well Nick Jonas has done since his Jonas Brothers days. He’s clearly the Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake of the group. Having gained immense success in television, movies and music, it’s no surprise that fashion designers will want to have him associated with their brand.

Fashion designer, John Varvatos, has recently teamed up with Nick for him to be the face of his latest Spring/Summer ‘18 campaign, with the city of Detroit being the central theme of the line.

Nick Jonas Varvatos 5

For the most part, the pieces are relatively simple, but in a good way. A lot of John Varvatos’ clothing isn’t really part of everyone’s aesthetic, but this line has a more universal element to it. Indeed, Nick Jonas has admitted that a lot of the designing process was inspired by pieces that he, himself, would wear.

It’s a good idea, of course, as Nick Jonas – arguably through his ‘gay-baiting’ – has a significant following by straight and gay men alike, and can therefore appeal to both demographics.

Nick Jonas Re-Releases “Chains” Music Video

Last July, I wrote about Nick Jonas launching his solo music career with his music video for the single “Chains”. In that post, I said that I thought the song was great but not so much the video. I thought that it was trying too hard to make Nick seem more mature, in an obvious bid to rid him of his former Disney/Jonas Brothers image. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the stuff I say is pure nonsense, but it seems that I may have been on to something at that time, because Nick has recently released a new video for the same song, this one far more fun and youthful.

Nick’s management and PR team have done a kick-ass job of keeping his name in the media – and all in a positive light, and has always come off as friendly and charming (especially to the LGBT community). This has obviously worked out for him because his music has been doing really well, and he is finding pretty solid footing, not only in the music industry, but in the public eye with his image. He has also, between the release of that first video and now, gotten time to understand where his key demographic lies and what vibe suits him more. I’m willing to bet that all this contributed to the decision to have a new music video released.

Below is the original video for comparison.

Nick Jonas’ First Nude Scene is Upon Us

Nick Jonas Flaunt 3

Whomever it was that convinced Nick Jonas to audition for Kingdom deserves next year’s Nobel Sexy Prize, and if there’s no such thing, then it needs to be created just for them!

By now, I’m pretty sure that it’s no secret to any of you that I’m all kinds of obsessed with DirecTV’s Kingdom. In fact, I wouldn’t blame you if you were quite sick of me talking about it. But… oops!

Since his emergence as a solo artist and serious actor, Nick Jonas has been on a non-stop tour to prove to us that he’s an adult, and no longer a Disney card-carrying, purity ring-wearing, teeny-bop-catering adolescent. This no doubt meant that nudity was right around the corner. Since recent history has shown us that this usually occurs within the framework of leaked pictures or sex tapes, props to Nick for going about it in a more artistic method.

The latest episode of Kingdom gifted us with Nick Jonas FINALLY in the buff in yet another sex scene. Granted, it’s mostly a side view and this may not be that big a deal to many people, but to those of us who have been mesmerised by this guy’s derriere for the past few years, this has been a long, long, very long, too long time coming.

Nick Jonas Butt

Before Kingdom first aired, Nick had teased that his character might not be totally straight, and I believe that this is what first started the sudden escalating gay attention around him. In an earlier episode of Kingdom, we saw Nick falling for and ultimately hooking up with his female physical therapist, so I’d pretty much just assumed that his bisexual teasing was just hokum to garner ratings for the show. However, a couple of episodes ago first hinted that he might have been telling the truth after all, when an obviously gay character from his old high school made not-so-subtle advances towards him. Though Nate (Nick Jonas’ character) was quick to rebuff him, very likely because his brother and mother were present, it was implied that there was some sort of history between the two of them.

In last week’s episode, Nate once again hooked up with another girl; however, it was obvious that there was an element of him forcing himself to enjoy it. My initial thought was that he was just trying to convince himself that he was actually straight – understandably, as this actually happens all the time in reality. However, after his mother came home and walked in on them doing the act (in the living room, no less), she made a comment to Nate’s sweetheart about Nate knowing that she would soon be showing up, I understood that Nate was trying to convince someone of his sexuality alright… but it wasn’t himself.

Considering this show’s central theme of machismo and testosterone-fuelled violence, it’s impressive – albeit surprising – that they’ve decided to explore sexual orientation with one of the lead characters. Then again, I’ve already spoken of the powerful natures that the writers have attributed to the women of the series, so perhaps it isn’t that surprising after all. It’s funny where progress and open-mindedness sometimes emerge, isn’t it?

Show me the NSFW GIF, dammit!

DirecTV’s Kingdom: General Recap & Review


Note: Some GIFs are a bit NSFW. Be warned…

I’m still so irritated with myself for so terribly misjudging Kingdom before I’d ever seen it. All I heard was “MMA” and I automatically thought that it would suck balls. Mind you, we’re about four episodes in, and there’s only been one MMA match shown so far, which is more than enough proof that there is far more to the show than this particular aspect. I still don’t know what the big climax of the show will be, but I already know that Kingdom has more heart than very many shows airing right now.

One of the great things about the show is its pacing. Due to the fact that it’s so heavily focused on character development, as opposed to non-stop action, we’re able to more fully appreciate each character, including their strengths and weaknesses.

For instances, perhaps the most compelling character of the show (intentionally by the writers or not) is Jay (Jonathan Tucker). On the surface, and particularly in the pilot episode, Jay comes across like your quintessential meathead douchebag: always up for a fight when it comes knocking, unreliable, party-crazy, immature and flippant. However, it doesn’t take us long to realise that there is a sensitivity and responsibility within him that is so realistic that it makes him incredibly endearing. Though he shirks anything which may seem like responsibility, yet it’s clear that taking care of his younger brother, Nate (Nick Jonas), is his number one priority. We also see a dedication and devotion to his drug-addicted mother that none of the other characters exhibit. So much so, that he’s essentially kidnapped her and locked her in his room with the hope that she can successfully stick through her withdrawal, and ultimately kick the drugs. That doesn’t mean that he has this same level of sympathy for everyone, which was evident with the grisly beatdown he laid on Terry, his mother’s pimp. Considering the fact that Lisa is now trying to get him back into the good graces of the MMA world, it will be interesting to see how his character evolves.

Show me the rest of the review and the GIFs, dammit!

Kingdom Season 1 Episode 1 “Set Yourself On Fire”: My Unsolicited Review


Warning: Last GIF quite NSFW

After weeks of endless promotion and alleged “gay-baiting”, Nick Jonas was at least successful in inciting enough curiosity in me to give the pilot of his new show, Kingdom, a look. Now, short of knowing that Nick Jonas starred in this show and that it was mostly about MMA, I really had no idea what Kingdom was about – and, really, the mere fact that MMA was the feature story was already strike one, two and three against it. So, admittedly, I went into the show without much of an open mind. This opinion was cemented even further when, before the opening credits even came up, Alvey (Frank Grillo) single-handedly put two gun-wielding thugs down over a fight that started over a car moving off (??). I kid you not, this was just so cliché and predictable that I rolled my eyes and went, “Naturally.” However, about 10 minutes after the opening credits, I came to a realisation that actually surprised me – I was invested in the story. And the reason was, I had no choice but to admit another 10 minutes in, that the show was actually good… really good. So much so that right now I’m incredibly disappointed that it isn’t being played by a bigger network like HBO or Showtime, for the mere fact that I’m worried it won’t get the ratings that it deserves, though, to be fair, some 20 million people are subscribed to DirecTV.


Kingdom, originally named Navy St, is mostly about the Kulina family, headed by former MMA champion patriarch, Alvey Kulina. Though Alvey is no longer in his prime, so to speak, he spends the majority of his time at his gym, Navy St, where he trains up-and-coming and would-be mixed martial artists. This is one of the aspects that I enjoy about the show – too often we find characters of this type wallowing in the knowledge that their glory days are over, while Alvey is actually expending his energy into creating a new him: primarily with his younger son, Nate (Nick Jonas). Due to the fact that the Kulinas are currently experiencing a bit of financial trouble, Nate seems to be the key to their salvation, as his skill and discipline show all the makings of a future MMA champion. Even more seems to be expected of him since his older brother, Jay (Jonathan Tucker) used to be just as talented (if not more so) but threw it all away for a life of drugs, partying and no responsibility except that of taking care of Nate which, to his credit, he clearly takes as seriously as he seems capable of taking anything. He also harbours a whole lot of resentment for his father, accusing him of now adopting a superior, zen-like state of mind when he was just as much of a drug-taking douchebag as he accuses Jay of being, even pushing Jay and Nate’s mother to become the junkie that she currently is. We later see the mother who is not only a junkie, but a street prostitute. Needless to say, the Kulinas have quite a bit on their plate. However, for our viewing pleasure, a little bit more drama needed to be included. Enter Ryan Wheeler. Ryan Wheeler (Matt Lauria) is introduced to us just as he is released from a 4-year prison sentence. Though soft-spoken, almost to the point of introverted, people aren’t sent to jail for being meek… so we already know that there is a darker story at play here. Still, one of the first places that Ryan goes is the gym, where it becomes immediately clear that his is very well acquainted with Alvey, and we learn that he used to be one of Alvey’s very own fighters before he betrayed Alvey and went to fight for someone else. However, Alvey shows amazing strength of character when he forgives and then treats Ryan as if nothing at all had ever happened between them, even accepting Ryan’s offer to help around the gym. Alvey’s wife, Lisa (Kiele Sanchez), however, is not as forgiving and she treats Ryan with nothing but scorn. We later learn that she and Ryan used to be engaged… but ended it while he was in prison. Between Lisa and Alvey’s tension, and Alvey and Jay’s feud, Kingdom is rife with familial discord. However, everyone mostly puts this behind them (temporary, at least) to focus on Nate’s upcoming fight… an important match between him and an already established MMA champion. Most of the episode really leads up to this match and, in a very suspenseful and well-choreographed scene, Nate wins the match, effectively prompting investors to take an interest in the Kulinas and their flailing gym. This show, so far, is so well written and amazingly acted that I already cannot wait for what comes next. Everyone on the show does a remarkable job, including Nick Jonas who perhaps has the fewest acting credits to his name, but does an impressive a job as every other member of the cast. Even the opening scene with the predictable fight had eventual bearings on the show, as the men on whom Alvey so effortlessly laid a beat down, retaliated by ganging up on Nate and ending the show on a cliffhanger with them evidently beating him to the ground. I say “evidently” because it is assumed that it was done to Nate, though his face remained hidden beneath a hoodie the entire time. If Kingdom continues in the same fashion that it is now, I have no doubt that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy every minute of this newfound treasure of a show.


When Does Gay Acceptance Cross Over to Gay Baiting?

Nick Jonas Flaunt

This picture of Nick Jonas is hott enough to deserve its own post, but I actually do have another reason for posting it. If you choose to ignore the rest of this piece just to stare at the picture, though, I completely understand. It’s from the newest issue of Flaunt, which comes out soon.

PrideSource recently published an interview conducted with Nick, and quite a few gay blogs are focusing on one particular aspect of it: whether he has been using his body to bait the gay community. Lately, Nick has been making the rounds in the rounds in the gay press, as he promotes his new album, and his upcoming show, Kingdom. I’ve been wondering for a while now when people would start accusing him of simply gay-baiting to garner publicity and sales. This is a valid enough accusation, when you consider the fact that this attempt to reach out to his gay fan base seems to come miraculously suddenly after years of never really giving much attention to this audience (at least not publicly). Of course, that may have had to do with the fact that the Jonas Brothers were marketed by Disney to appeal to parents (liberal and conservative) and there have always been rumours that their dad/manager is quite homophobic, despite Nick now stating in this interview that his parents always taught them to be accepting of everyone… so, who knows? Despite the validity of the gay-baiting accusation, I still have to wonder if it is fair. Here’s what Nick had to say about it:

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. I think it’s unfortunate that some people have to find a negative in every situation. Clearly my heart is in the right place, and more than anything, if they just looked at my life and my gay friends and the authentic nature of where my heart is, they’d just see that they’re kind of ignorant.

The nature of where we are today is, we’re in a time where we need to make strides and step forward as a society and embrace all people from all different walks of life. When you’re trying to make a bold statement like that, some people aren’t gonna fall in line with that. And that’s OK. You gotta stay on your own path.

A more appropriate and logical response could not have been requested. Perhaps he is pandering a bit to gay men, but is that necessarily a bad thing? If he’s only doing it for sales and publicity, then I cannot be on his side, but if he is being honest and his heart really is in the right place, why give him hell for it?

I’ve already spoken about my feelings on celebrities who bait the gay community for sales, but back then, I was referring to those who pretended to be part of the LGBT community during an initial selling period, only to suddenly become heterosexualised when the fame was achieved. In the case of admittedly heterosexual individuals who show love and support to the LGBT community, are we doing them (or ourselves, for that matter) any favours throwing their acceptance right back in their faces? It seems to me to be something of a no-win situation if we shun those who outwardly hate us but then turn around and criticise those who are actually showing that they are on our side.

I think this goes back to what I often say about picking our battles. We don’t have to approve of everything that others do, but it doesn’t mean that we have to make huge deals about it either, provided that they aren’t hurting anyone. This world is already too full of hate to bring down anyone who is only trying to show love.

Nick Jonas Flaunt 2

Nick Jonas Flaunt 3

Nick Jonas Flaunt 4

Nick Jonas Flaunt 5

Nick Jonas and Hilary Duff Have Grown Up and Returned


Well, it appears that this is the week for former Disney stars to make their triumphant return to the world of music. Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, who starred in Disney’s Jonas, and Hilary Duff of Lizzie McGuire fame both released their first single and music video this week after a lengthy hiatus. For Nick, it also marks the start of his solo career in the music business. The comeback is the first thing that these two have in common; the second is the fact that they’re fully ready to shed their Disney image.

In Hilary Duff’s case, it was an outright admission, though admittedly, it came from Ed Sheeran, with whom she collaborated on this new album. For Nick Jonas, there was no need to announce it… the song pretty much screams this intention. The similarities end here; after this, the circumstances surrounding each of their musical choices are pretty much polar opposites.

Nick released his single, Chains, a few days ago without much pomp and flare, and I loved it the first time I listened to it. It’s arguably one of the darkest and most mature songs that he’s released in his career – and yes, this means that I was am a Jonas Brothers fan. If the song is any indication of his solo career path, we can assume that he’s going to focus less on the pop-rock vibe that he’d become accustomed to with his brothers, and that he’s going to go for a more urban-inspired feel. The video was recently yesterday morning, and I’m afraid I don’t feel it like I do the song. While the song was an understated depiction of his distancing from the Disney label, the music video all but screamed, “look at me, I’m all grown up!” It wasn’t a bad video, per se. I think there was just too much of an obvious effort for it (and Nick) to come off as artistic, cool and edgy. Unfortunately, it ultimately just ended up as an odd, slightly incohesive, collection of scenes that didn’t quite succeed in telling whatever story it was attempting to. The only scenes which seemed really genuine were those where Nick was sat in a chair, singing directly to the camera, but I maintain that it had nothing to do with the fact that his biceps were very much on display there.

When it came to Hilary Duff’s single, we pretty much have the exact opposite. The music video for her single, Chasing the Sun, was great from beginning to end. It was fun, silly, and funny, and it was great seeing her not take herself so seriously in it. It was, in my opinion, reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s “Ours” music video, which I’m also in love with. There was no sense of trying too hard in Hilary’s video, and it just flowed effortlessly, making it really enjoyable to watch. That being said, it was a really smart move to release the video so close the release of the single itself. Unlike Nick’s Chains, Hilary Duff’s Chasing the Sun had been teased and talked about for quite some time leading up to its release. Many people, myself included, were quite eager to see what she would come out with it. I’m afraid it wasn’t exactly worth the wait… I’ll refrain from calling it a disappointment, though, because that sounds so unpleasant. The song has a very catchy tune, and Hilary’s voice is still pretty, but if she was attempting to show that her musical style had matured over the years, she chose the absolute worst song to come back with. Chasing the Sun, though undoubtedly offering a lovely, carefree message, sounded like something that Hilary would have released way back when in her Lizzy McGuire days. Indeed, her song Stranger sounded far more mature than this new track, and it was released seven years ago! Still, though, I think it would be unfair to judge her entire comeback on this one song, and I’m still quite intrigued to see what she presents later.

Nick Jonas and Hilary Duff’s re-emergence onto the music scene is a sharp reminder that I’m growing up, and that’s sometimes a scary thought. However, the most positive message that it offers is that it’s never too late to revisit your dreams. No matter how much you may love something, life often has different plans set out for us, and there’s nothing wrong with taking a break to deal with what life needs us to deal with. When circumstances and timing allow it, if we go back into our passion with an open mind and the desire to grow and progress, it’s hard to view it as time lost… it would merely have been time redirected.