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Let’s Take a Moment to Appreciate Taron Egerton’s Sexiness


Taron Egerton is one of those guys who always seems to toe the line between hot and adorable. In fact, I’m very often unsure as to which I think he is. One minute I’ll see him shirtless and think ‘what I’d give to get on that’ and the next minute I’ll see him singing forgotten lyrics in an interview and totally want to pinch his cheeks.

Probably best known from the Kingsman movies, he’s got a pretty versatile range of credits, including voice over in Illumination’s Sing. He’s also going to be starring in a dark adaptation of Robin Hood, which is produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, and slated for a September 2018 release. That, in itself, I’m sure is gonna give me plenty of blog fodder closer to the time of its release.

For now, though, let’s just appreciate Taron’s sexiness with some (NSFW) images because I can’t describe him any better than his Robin Hood co-star, Jamie Foxx, with the profound compliment: “that f***ing jawline. Good-looking motherf***er!”

Amen, Jamie. Amen.

show me the NSFW images, dammit!

Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Mehcad Brooks’ Sexiness

Mehcad Brooks Necessary Roughness

If I had to give a review of the second season of Desperate Housewives, it would go like this: “Absolute worst season of the entire show, but Mehcad Brooks!!!”

This Sexiness Appreciation post has been a long time coming. Mehcad Brooks is a gorgeous specimen of a man, and he’s got SEX written all over him. Some of you may know him as Matthew Applewhite from Desperate Housewives, Jerome from The Game, Eggs from True Blood, TK from Necessary Roughness, or the newest face of Jimmy Olsen in CBS’ upcoming Supergirl. Or, perhaps you know him from those mind-blowingly sexy Calvin Klein “Elements” ads. However you may know him, I’m pretty sure he would have made some sort of impact on you.

So, after the jump, take a moment to appreciate all the sexy that is Mehcad Brooks. Fair warning: the GIFs included are severely NSFW.

Show me the sexiness, dammit!

Let’s Take A Moment to Appreciate Luke Evans’ Sexiness


Luke Evans first really came into my radar when I first saw Immortals, which was truly a terrible movie. It was incredibly badly written, and there was nothing original about it. From beginning to end, I knew what was going to happen because it was pretty much a carbon copy of Clash of the Titans and The Scorpion King. I believe the creators of the movie knew this, and tried to redeem themselves by featuring as many good-looking guys as they could half-naked, some of whom included Henry Cavill, Kellan Lutz and Luke Evans. Since then, Luke has gone on to star in much better films, including The Hobbit  and Dracula: Untold.

There has been quite a bit of speculation and controversy surrounding Luke’s private life, due to the fact that he was openly and unashamedly gay at the beginning of his career and then, when things took off, his engagement to a woman was made public. He was often called out for it, but never spoke much about it. Recently enough, though, he gave an interview where he pretty much confirmed being gay without actually saying it, so that’s that. Really, though, I can’t be too hard on the guy. His decision to head back into the closet isn’t one that I’d advise anyone to do, but the reality is that we can understand why it was done. It isn’t great, and it isn’t fair, but it is, unfortunately, understandable. At the end of the day, what really matters is that you’re happy with yourself, and proud of the decisions that you make.

This week, Luke Evans is featured as our sexiness appreciation specimen, and I invite you to appreciate all the sexiness, clothed and otherwise (so NSFW alert)  after the jump

Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Jason Momoa’s Sexiness


I watched Wolves a few days ago. I’d been putting it off for a while because the trailer just seemed god-awful! A few minutes into the movie and I’d all but decided that that was the truth – honestly, It looked like what I imagine a root canal feels like. I kept watching, though, and it turns out that the movie was actually pretty good. The execution wasn’t always great, and the CGI was laughable at best, but the actual story was really nice – for a geek like me, anyway – and the acting was mostly very well done.

This isn’t about Wolves, though. It’s about the delicious Jason Momoa, who was the reason I watched Wolves in the first place! While I was watching the movie, I realized something. I suppose that I’ve gotten so used to seeing Jason playing these savage roles like in Game of Thrones or Conan the Barbarian that I’d never noticed before that he’s actually very pretty. I mean, seriously, he’s got a very pretty face for such a brawny man’s man!

Either way, rugged or pretty, clothed or shirtless – though shirtless is always preferable – Jason Momoa is a beast of sexiness. Now that’s he’s been cast as Aquaman in upcoming DC movies, we’ll thankfully be seeing a whole lot more of him (wet and shirtless, hopefully). But until then, let’s take a moment to  appreciate his sexiness.

Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Colton Haynes’ Sexiness

Colton Haynes Instagram Falling Water
via Instagram

Ah, Colton! One day he will realise that the two of us are meant to be together, abandon all things Hollywood, and run away with me in eternal bliss.

Okay, so that’s never going to happen, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t very well fantasize about the impossibility. Colton Haynes, the chiselled-face Adonis of hit shows Teen Wolf and Arrow, is this “Sexiness Appreciation” honouree. Unfortunately, his only prize is our unwavering lust and adulation, but in this snarky, judgemental world, that’s a lot more than very many celebrities receive!

Gaze upon one half of the specimen that physical perfection decided to take human form in (Matt Bomer is obviously the second half), with these images. One more NSFW GIF after the jump.


Colton Haynes Arrow

Colton Haynes

Show me the NSFW GIF, dammit!

Let’s Take A Moment to Appreciate Charlie Hunnam’s Sexiness

Charlie Hunnam Men's Health 3

A few months ago I published a post celebrating Idris Elba’s sexiness. It was fun, light-hearted and pretty well received. For your viewing pleasure, I’m going to recreate this with Charlie Hunnam. Who knows… this might become a regular thing.

Charlie Hunnam, star of Sons of Anarchy, covers the December issue of Men’s Health, just as his show is preparing to say farewell. Charlie Hunnam has become something of a household name, not only because of his success in Sons, and last year’s Pacific Rim, but because of all the controversy and media coverage surrounding his initial casting in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey.

Charlie Hunnam is a beautiful specimen of a man, and all the Fifty Shades soccer psycho moms who were throwing the word “ugly” around to describe him really need to have several seats.

Hunnam was undeniably cute in his Queer as Folk and Nicholas Nickleby days, but the man has grown to be a veritable beast of beauty. In his Men’s Health spread, Charlie discusses the dedication necessary to stay in shape in order to maintain the visual expectations of the characters that he plays. I’m all for healthy living and working out – two aspects I cannot do without in my own life – but this guy kind of borders on obsessive. Oh well, he does it for the primary purpose of us appreciating what he shows. Who am I to complain?

Charlie Hunnam Men's Health 1

Charlie Hunnam Men's Health 2

Charlie Hunnam Men's Health 4

Charlie Hunnam Men's Health 5


Let’s Take A Moment To Appreciate Idris Elba’s Sexiness

Idris Elba Details 2

It’s been out for some time that the gorgeous Idris Elba covers the latest issue of Details Magazine. I’d wanted to cover it ages ago, but I could never seem to find the time, so I suppose now is as great a time as any. The article itself is a pretty good read, and it illuminates Idris Elba’s rise to his current celebrity status. Turns out that he was (and still is) a DJ… who knew?! He also raps, and was featured on one of Jay-Z’s album.

The man is a wickedly talented actor, he raps, he DJs, he cooks, and he’s a family man. In short, Idris Elba is all around sexy as all hell. Instead of another one of my long-winded posts, I’ll just leave you with his Details pictures, and a couple of steamy GIFs for you to appreciate the human sex god that is Idris Elba. Seriously… I so would.

Idris Elba Details Cover

Idris Elba Details 1

Idris Elba Details 3