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Nominations for the 38th Razzie Awards are Here

Razzies Noms

Nominations for this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards (commonly known as the Razzies) have been released and while there are some majorly obvious and well-deserved (?) ones, a couple of them have surprised me.

Taking the lead this year, perhaps to no one’s surprise, is Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, admittedly, I haven’t watched Transformers since the second instalment because, well, I don’t hate myself. However, I’m not in the least bit shocked that it’s on this list. I mean, at this point, is there even really a proper story behind the explosions and CGI? The Razzie committee clearly doesn’t think so.

Another not-so-surprising nomination went to Johnny Depp for his reprisal of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  The thing is, it isn’t that that Johnny Depp was particularly bad in the movie. It’s just such a tired and played-out role by now that very little enjoyment can be gained from it by the audience.

For me, the biggest surprise (and insult) was Jennifer Lawrence’s nomination for Worst Actress in mother! I know the movie sort of tanked with a lot of viewers but, personally, I feel that that was because it either went over their head, or touched a nerve with overly sensitive “Christians”. There were awful pacing problems throughout the film, but I don’t think Jennifer Lawrence was bad by any means. Javier Bardem, however… well, let’s just say I’m not contesting his nomination.

Sofia Boutella’s role in The Mummy also seems a bit unfair. I wouldn’t rush to give her an Academy Award nomination, but I don’t think she deserves a Razzie either. Same goes for Katherine Heigl in Unforgettable. Now, the movie itself was an abortion of a film, but she was no worse than anyone else in it. In fact, I personally think she was the only redeeming thing about my entire cinematic experience watching it.

Stray observation: how crappy must it feel to be nominated as worst actor in two separate movies in the same year? Looking at Mark Wahlberg and Javier Bardem.

Take a look at the nomination video below, and delight in the deliciously shady way in which Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Transformers: The Last Knight, which are both only the fifth movies in the franchises, are referred to as Pirates of the Caribbean XIII: Dead Careers Tell No Tales and Transformers XVII: The Last Knight.

Also, as wholeheartedly against Jennifer Lawrence’s nomination as I am, wouldn’t it be freaking amazing if she showed up a la Halle Berry or Sandra Bullock?!

show me the nominations, dammit!